Covid - 19 - 11/03/2020

The headlines around Covid-19 are becoming more and more alarming.

It is therefore important that we take this pandemic very seriously, but it is also essential that we make personal and community decisions based on balanced, evidence based advice and opinions on the virus.

RANA is so proud of our NHS and everyone in it, as well as those working at Public Health England. Unsurprisingly, the NHS website is one of the best places to start your research. It also has links that outline the Government’s response to the outbreak.

Another excellent source of information should you feel the need for more personal advice or have a particular concern is the NHS hotline at 111 and its online service at

Dr Stevenson would reiterate that simple good hygiene practice in all areas of our lives is key to preventing the spread of the virus.

Please watch the video below for information set out by the World Health Organisation that directly relates to the virus and the best ways to protect yourself against it.


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