Basic tips to beat the big freeze - 12/02/2021


You’ve probably heard the weather reports of severe weather warnings so now is the time to protect your home and place of work from the threat of this latest cold snap.


RANA risk management has put together some simple tips to help you prepare for the extreme cold.

•  If you are going away leave the heating on low (recommended minimum 13 C) and leave the loft door or hatch open to allow warm air to circulate. 
•  Leave your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to let warmer air circulate around pipes, which are often against cold walls at the back of cupboards.
 Dripping taps should be fixed and blocked overflows cleared.
 Ensure your boiler is serviced every 12 months.
In the event of frozen pipes, always know where your stopcock is located and keep the number of a reliable, local plumber handy.

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